Correcting Dog Behavior

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First thing to realize when you’re training a dog is that he only does things that work.

With jumping, your dog is trying to get some attention-any attention. It is if they are still doing it! Even if it is negative attention, the dog will still persist in his effort. They are quite diligent. To fix the dog behavior problem, you first will need to be certain that you are not looking at your dog when he jumps on you, even if it is to say”away” or reprimand him.

Without knowing it, you probably are giving him some attention using this method, so he continues the dog behavior problem. The long term solution to correcting the dog behavior problem is to remove any attention by turning your body and face entirely away from him when he begins to jump.

When he sees that he’s not getting anywhere and stops, turn back and give him plenty of love. It will take about two weeks for him to”get it,” but this is the best way to teach him that he doesn’t get what he needs from jumping or any dog behavior problem. Everyone he comes into contact with must do this-at least in the training stages.

Be sure you are turning rather than giving any eye contact as you do this.

Also, a shake can may work for his dog behavior problem if water isn’t turning him off. A shake can is an empty soda can with two pennies inside and tape on the top. This is more drastic as it startles them. It does not hurt to use it a couple of times. Simply shake the can when your dog’s paws are on you. This is best used when you’re anticipating the jump like when you come home. Do not overuse the can for a long time, or the puppy will become desensitized.

Anything you do to your dog behavior problem, know that you are probably giving your puppy mixed signals like giving him eye contact for jumping on you or talking to him if he does so. This is reinforcing him for jumping-because it’s attention (he doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive ) that he’s wanting. This is an important rule to remember when you are training at home without Raccoon Poop. Don’t get frustrated with your dog; remember, if he’s demonstrating a dog behavior problem over and over, he must be getting something good as a result.

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